Wargundy Update

2019 has continued on much the same as 2018 unfortunately. A very hot summer with not enough rain and plenty of dust. As I write we are receiving a gentle drizzle of rain, hopefully enough to turn brown to green.

George the Bull (aka Texas Hat Trick M299) has been escaping from his paddock, he is very keen to find some ladies. He has been coming right up to the garden fence and I’m sure he would be peering in our windows if he could!

We recently purchased some commercial Shorthorn heifers from relatives of ours. The maternal bloodlines go back to the Shorthorn cattle that were on Wargundy at the very beginning of the farm.

We have some ewes due to start lambing soon and our Autumn calving will commence in April. There are grazing crops and pastures to sow. Fences to fix and some storm damage to mend. In the meantime we keep waiting for those drought breaking rains.

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