2019 Sydney Royal Angus Feature Show

We are proud Chrome Sponsors of the 2019 Sydney Royal Angus Feature Show. The committee asked us to answer 4 questions about ourselves and we thought we would share the answers here.

Q: Sale date/private treaty sale information
A: Yearling bulls available for sale directly from the farm later in the year by the following sires: Prime Katapault K1, Milwillah Krakatoa K92, Clunie Range Legend L348, Prime Maximus M7 & Texas Hat Trick M299.

Q: Stud’s greatest achievment
A: Cattle have coped remarkably well during the drought conditions experienced recently and we have achieved pleasing bull sales despite the drought and it being our first year of selling in Australia.

Q: Property location
A: “Wargundy”, near Dunedoo, 100kms NE of Dubbo

Q: Background information
A: Wargundy Angus commenced in 2017 by Alistair and Jen McLaren. They founded the herd from embryos imported from Alistair’s family farm, the Aynho herd, which is the third oldest Aberdeen-Angus herd in the UK. The dams have Aynho bloodlines that can be traced back to 1928. The sires are a mixture of UK and Australian bloodlines chosen to complement the dams and produce cattle suitable for the Australian market. Wargundy Angus aim to continue on with the success and high reputation that the Aynho herd has in the UK.

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