Top Quality Angus Cattle – Dunedoo NSW

We aim to produce cattle that are quiet, sound, and functional that meet the requirements for both the stud and the commercial beef sectors. A moderate sized cow herd producing moderate to low birthweight calves that grow fast.

Prince Charles Champions Farmers

The Story of Wargundy

Wargundy Angus is situated near Dunedoo in Central West NSW. Although only founded in 2017 the story behind Wargundy Angus begins over a century beforehand in England in 1903 when Mr A P McLaren founded The Aynho Herd of Aberdeen-Angus cattle, which is now the third oldest herd of Aberdeen-Angus in the UK and is still owned and managed by the McLaren family. His great grandson Alistair married an Australian, Jen Bowman, who grew up on the Bowman family farm Wargundy. With Alistair and Jen deciding to settle in Australia this presented them with an opportunity to start their own Angus herd at Wargundy by importing embryos and semen from The Aynho Herd.

From the imported embryos there were 76 calves born in July and August 2016 using a calf rearing contract with an external company. The calves arrived at Wargundy in March 2017 and mark the beginning of the Australian venture of a long established connection the McLaren’s have with the Angus breed.

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